Our Vision

The Movement/Media Research and Action Project’s (MRAP) mission is to strengthen progressive social movements working toward social justice and inclusive, participatory democracy: locally, nationally, and globally.

We focus on the interface of movements and media in particular, working with under-represented and misrepresented communities to

  • Identify and challenge barriers to democratic communication
  • Develop proactive strategies and messages
  • Build ongoing communication capacity

Communication strategies cannot be developed in isolation; hence, we address the whole range of issues that progressive movements must deal with including:

  • Organization
  • Funding
  • Overall Social Change Strategy
  • Coalition Building
  • Internal Diversity

In the struggle for social justice and inclusive, participatory democracy, we believe that structural inequalities must be addressed, both inside our movements and in society at large. We commit ourselves to working collaboratively with those affected by these systems of inequality and others committed to challenging these systems.