Charlotte Ryan's Publications



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  • "Building Theorist-Activist Collaboration in the Media Arena: A Success Story." Chapter in Rhyming Hope and History: Academics, Activists and Social Movement Scholarship. David Croteau, William Hoynes, and Charlotte Ryan. Co-Editors. University of Minnesota Press, 2005.
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  • "Media Battlefronts: Political Action and Coverage in the Press." Social Policy, fall 1991
  • "Framing a Message; Nicaragua Comes to New Bedford." Annual Review of Peace Activism, 1989.
  • "Tilting Center: A Study of National Public Radio," EXTRA! April/May 1993.

Books/Articles written with others

  • Alimi, Eitan, William Gamson and Charlotte Ryan. "Knowing your Adversary: Israeli Structure of Political Opportunity and the Inception of the Palestinian Intifada." Social Forces December 2006.
  • Ryan, Charlotte and Samuel Alexander. "Reframing Environmental Policy Contests." Boston College Environmental Law Review, Spring 2006.
  • Ryan , Charlotte and William Gamson, "The Art of Reframing Political Debates." Contexts, Spring 2006. Reprinted in Contexts Reader. New York: WW Norton 2007.
  • Ryan, Charlotte, Michael Anastario and Alfredo DaCunha, "Changing Coverage of Domestic Violence Murders: A Longitudinal Experiment in Participatory Communication." Journal of Interpersonal Violence. February 2006.
  • Gamson, William and Charlotte Ryan, "Thinking about Elephants: Toward a Dialogue with George Lakoff." Public Eye Magazine. Vol. 19. No.2. Fall 2005.
  • Ryan, Charlotte, Michael Anastario and Karen Jeffreys. "Start Small, Build Big; Media Markets and Movement Opportunity." Mobilization, Spring 2005.
  • Duke, Jeffreys, Ryan and Da Cunha. Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Journalists. RICADV. 2000.
  • Gamson, William and Charlotte Ryan. "Democratic Media," Boston Review, March 1996.

Works Accepted for Publication


  • Ryan and Jeffreys. Communicating Change, Changing Communication. Forthcoming 2007.