Eitan Alimi

Eitan Alimi

I received my Ph.D. from Boston College, the Sociology Department, specializing in social movements and media studies, as well as in theories of conflict and conflict resolution. This combination supplemented former focus on social movements and international ethnic conflicts during my Master studies at the Political Science and the International Relation Departments at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I live in Israel at present. I am an assistant professor at the department of political science, the Hebrew University, where I teach courses on social movements and the media, the politics of contention in Israel, the role of media during post-settlement peace building, and terrorism. I also act as methodological advisor for graduate students in the Communication Studies Department at Ben-Gurion University.

Present research focuses on post-settlement mutual media images between Israel and Jordan before and during the “second” Intifada, and a joint comparative Israeli-German project on shaping media frames on critical issues. Intended research will deal with empowering peace constituencies, analyzing the influence of grassroots Israeli-Palestinian organization on Israeli public and media discourse.

Key Writings:

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